Wealth Management Issues (WMI)

Capital Accumulation

Cash Flow

Analyzing your household cash flows to maximize your cash inflow through budgeting and goal prioritization, so that you can reach your goals quicker.

Investments & Goal Planning

Develop a savings plan for your short, medium and long-term goals, and then implement that savings plan through investing and automated deposits.

Credit & Debt

Managing your debt situation to reduce interest payments and maximize future wealth accumulation goals. Also discussing credit report and other banking strategies.

Executive Compensation

Analyzing your corporate benefits packages to reduce your tax footprint and maximize your wealth accumulation potential.

Education & College

Developing an education savings plan to help you and your children with future education expenses.

Risk Regulation


Building a comprehensive plan designed to get you to retirement, and once in retirement building a sustainable and predictable passive income stream.


Monitoring, managing and mitigating your risk through the implementation of various insurance policies.


Planning ahead of time, to reduce the risk of undesirable situations and unintended consequences.

Tax & Transfer Efficiency

Income Tax

Monitoring your tax situation throughout the year to maximize deductions, credits and other opportunities to reduce a households tax liability.

Charitable Gifting

Gifting in the most tax advantageous way possible allows one to extend their philanthropic goals while reducing their tax footprint.

Business Succession

Designing and implementing a business succession strategy for business owners for the purpose of reducing the taxes associated with the transfer along with fulfilling the business owners intended personal and professional goals.

Titling & Beneficiary

Design and implement a personal succession plan that transitions your assets to the intended beneficiaries while avoiding/reducing the need for probate.

Executor & Trustee Selection

Choosing and reviewing your executor and trustee selection to ensure those individuals are qualified and will fulfill your estate planning goals and personal wishes.

Estate Distribution

Bringing all the estate planning pieces together to ensure your estate is properly setup to reduce your tax footprint at passing, while assets are transferred to the intended party and in the manner in which you choose.