The 12 month Wealth Builder Program is designed to help you take charge of your finances so you can start accomplishing your goals. Over the 12 months you will receive content rich emails, invites to online webinars and other resources and tools we will help you repair, improve, or grow your financial household. 
Most of the content will be in the form of emails and webinars, plus you will be assigned to a financial consultant who will reach out to you throughout the 12 month program. This financial consultant is here to provide you guidance as you move through the 12 month program. Your financial consultant is not a salesperson but a coach who will help reach your financial goals. 

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What Is Included In This Program?

Tons of great content actually! From webinars, value rich emails, unique tools, a variety of resources and more.

How Much Does It Cost?

It's free. No cost to you!

Is this a Sales Gimmick?

This is a free and no pressure 12 month program designed to help you improve your financial household. Throughout the program we will make recommendations to you (via email) but by no means are you pressured or should feel forced to do anything. Alphamint is a Fiduciary Advisor, which means our recommendations must have your BEST INTEREST. We cannot place our interests ahead of yours. 

I have more questions...

Great. Feel free to email us at

Real Estate Acquisition

Dreaming about a new home? Or perhaps a rental property to start collecting passive income? Real estate offers so many great opportunities to grow your wealth and income. Become a Wealth Builder Pro today and learn what it takes to start accomplishing your real estate goals!

Debt Management

Got Debt? We can help you clean up your debt mess and get on track toward building your wealth. Don't let debt ruin your finances any longer. There are several proactive steps you can take to repair your financial household!

Budgeting and Planning

The best place to begin is with a budget? With all sorts of tools, tips and tricks out there what is the best way to create, implement and stick with a budget? We have some ideas and we look forward to sharing those with you in the Wealth Builder Pro 12 month Program!

Retirement Savings

Need to start saving for Retirement? Or perhaps are you saving enough? Those who make a plan 15+ years before retiring are more than 90% likely to reach their retirement goals! 

Ready to Change Your Financial Future Forever?