Alphamint Pricing

1.00% Per Year

of the Investment Assets

Managed by Alphamint

Just to Clarify: Assets under Management includes investable accounts only, and does not include real estate properties, or other assets that factor into your net worth.
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Fee Breakpoints

The 1% Asset Based Fee is reduced on new assets that exceed the breakpoints listed below.

1.00% on the first $1,000,000 under management
0.90% on the next $500,000 under management
0.85% on amount above $1,500,000 under management

Calculating the Fee

The asset based fee is calculated on the amount of investment assets that Alphamint manages for you.

This fee is assessed (in the arrears) at the end of each quarter at 1/4 the fee percentage.

Fee Example

A $1,000,000 portfolio, assuming the balance was the same at the end of each quarter, would equate to a fee of:

$2,500 per quarter ($1,000,000 x .25%), which would in total amount to an annual fee of 1% or $10,000. 

Fiduciaries + Fee Only

As a fiduciary, we must place our clients interests ahead of our own. We are not compensated for recommending Product A over Product B, we are paid solely by you. It's called Fee-Only and we prefer it that way as it helps to remove many conflicts of Interest.

Paying the Fee

The most common method is for the fee to be deducted directly from the investment account(s) manage by Alphamint, however you have other options as well.

[Option 1]

Pay the fee directly from the managed account(s).

[Option 2]

Pay the fee via electronic debit from a Checking account.

[Option 3]

Have your employer or your business pay the fee. That's right, with Alphamint many of the services we provide are to business owners and executives which can directly benefit a business, thus a company can classify our fee as a business expense.

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