Insurance Planning and Risk Management

Alphamint and Insurance? Yes, absolutely. While Alphamint does not employ any insurance agents, we do partner with a variety of independent insurance brokers who we trust to help our clients find the best rates possible. With Alphamint, our goal is to think comprehensively and to act fiduciarily, so our client’s know every recommendation we make is in their best interest.

What We Offer

We help our clients with their various Insurance and Risk Management needs through a variety of products.

 Life Insurance, Term, Whole, Universal

Long Term Care Insurance


Fixed Index Annuities

Life Insurance

Designed to help reduce your risk exposure by insuring an individual in the event of death.  In most cases it is ideal to establish coverage on the “bread winner" of a household, protecting the surviving members if the primary source of income is lost.
Our Thoughts
Alphamint is big proponents of Term Insurance because of the maximum coverage with the lowest monthly premium.
We believe in most situations Investments and Insurance should be separate, allowing each to focus on what it does best. Often times non Term Life Insurance is riddled with fees, clauses and exceptions.
There are times when Universal and Whole life may become an Integral part of an Estate Plan. Generally individuals and households who have a next with that exceeds certain thresholds can significantly benefit from Whole or Universal Life insurance from a tax mitigation standpoint.

Long Term Care Insurance

Giving you freedom in your latter years. Long Term Care Insurance is designed to supplement your existing nest egg during the expensive last few years of your life. This coverage provides a daily benefit to cover living and care expenses for a predefined number of years.
Our Thoughts
Would you rather stay at the Motel 6 or the Hilton? This is a question we ask our clients because it highlights the situation many elderly are forced to face. For most Americans, they either do not have family members they can live with, or they simply do not want to burden their children with their living needs as they age.
Long Term Care Insurance keeps you in control and comfortable during those last few years of life. Have peace of mind, and start thinking of Long term Care Insurance now before it becomes too expensive.

Variable Annuities

Designed to help grow your wealth while offering certain provisions that may reduce downside risk, providing you additional diversification.
Our Thoughts
Variable annuities are a great vehicle for those who have maxed out their other retirement accounts and wish to save additional money in tax-deferred accounts. It is important to know what you are getting into with any type of insurance product, all are different and each insurance company has its pros or cons. Consult with an Alphamint Adviser, as we can help you develop the ideal insurance plan.

Fixed Annuities

Fixed Annuities provide a fixed payment every month to the beneficiary. Depending on the provisions these annuities provide for some inflation protection so your buying power is not diminished over the years.
Our Thoughts
When developing an insurance plan we think fixed annuities can play a key role from the simple standpoint of “guaranteed”. While, technically speaking, nothing is guaranteed, Fixed annuities are one of the closest things to it.
Including fixed annuities as part of your passive income stream during retirement helps provide a stable source of income that can cover basic living expenses. The benefit to this is simple you have peace of mind knowing that regardless of where the stock market goes you have a basic level of income coming in every single month.

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