Executive Compensation

The Wealth Matrix

At Alphamint we consider Executive Compensation a cornerstone of the financial planning process, in fact for us it is one of the four quadrants of the Wealth Matrix. More often than not we find executives are leaving money on the table by not fully utilizing their compensation packages to the fullest. Furthermore we work with small business to maximize their executive and owner compensation packages to retain top talent and so executives can maximize their retirement funding strategies.

Short-Term Incentives (Goalsharing)

This is a common way a business can incentives their executives. Alphamint partners with individual executives to understand and maximize their corporate benefits. We also work with small business to develop business compensation strategies to retain top talent. 

Long-Term Incentives

Businesses can offer a variety of longer term incentive options designed to help executives grow their wealth while keeping top talent. Each strategy is unique and offers both tax benefits and drawbacks. Knowing each individual situation and the benefits a company is offering is essential to the wealth accumulation plan. 

Executive Compensation Scale

When working with small businesses to develop a compensation structure we strive to find the right balance between the benefits and costs.