Estate Planning

With Alphamint, your Estate is included.

Living Will, Medical Directives, Power of Attorney, and Guardianship at no additional cost. All documents are drafted by an estate attorney. Alphamint utilizes independent third party Estate Attorneys for all estate documents. Plus we pay for updated forms every 5 years (if needed)!

Reason For An Estate Plan

Too often loved ones are left to pick up our incomplete work. With taking a few steps now, you can ensure your loved ones, your charities and your priories are looked after and your wishes are carried out.
Reasons to establish an estate plan, these are just a few:
Align Your Money With Your Will
Incentivize Inheritors Your Way
Reduce Your Tax Bill, Avoid Probate
Give More To Your Causes And Charities
Make sure Your Surviving Spouse Is Cared For
Divide Property Based On Your Wishes

Estate Planning Checklist

Do I have a Living Will?
Do I have a Trust? Is it up to Date?
Do I have a Medical Directive?
Are My Beneficiary Designations Correct?
Is the Titling and Executor setup correct?

Take Charge Of Your Estate