Where the super wealthy are investing their money

Ultra-wealthy investors aren’t bullish on the markets but they are well positioned to “weather the storm,” according to Michael Sonnenfeldt, founder of investment club Tiger 21. In the third quarter, Tiger 21 members moved more capital into real estate and private equity, according to its latest asset allocation report. The network, which is made up Read more about Where the super wealthy are investing their money[…]

Most Americans aren’t saving nearly enough for retirement

Forty-one percent of workers said they hoped their savings would afford them a vacation home, and a little more than a third said they would like to spend their time with loved ones in their golden years, followed by traveling the world. However, in reality, more than half of Americans, or 57 percent, have less than $1,000 Read more about Most Americans aren’t saving nearly enough for retirement[…]

Q3 2018 Market Update

Q3 2018, in our view, was more or less a continuation of Q2 2018, in terms of both macroeconomic data and financial market performance. Global growth continued to moderate, especially outside of the US. At the same time, trade tension between the US and China escalated further, leading to tariffs on $250bn worth of US Read more about Q3 2018 Market Update[…]

Corporate Earnings Update

Busiest Week in Earnings Season This past week was the busiest of the quarterly earnings season, with 37% of the companies in the S&P 500 reporting results. And while most of the headlines trended toward the negative, there were some positive surprises too – most notably Tesla, McDonald’s, and Ford. But everyone wanted to talk Read more about Corporate Earnings Update[…]

Three Major Things to Watch in the Fourth Quarter

For the third consecutive summer selling in May and going away would have been folly.  US equities melted up between July and September amid a strong economy and overcoming any concerns over trade.  The S&P 500 Index hit new all-time highs as it gained 7.71% in the third quarter (Q3), well ahead of the Russell 2000 small-cap Read more about Three Major Things to Watch in the Fourth Quarter[…]

3 Behavioral Biases That Hurt Investors

What makes us strong as human beings makes us weak money managers, said Daniel Crosby, Ph.D., president of Nocturne Capital, whose “The Futures is Behavioral” keynote opened the Financial Planners Association in Chicago on Wednesday. He added that fear is hard-wired into the human — and animal — brain, and we have an affinity to Read more about 3 Behavioral Biases That Hurt Investors[…]

Year-End Portfolio Checkup: 6 Tax-Smart Tips

Hello, I wanted to share this article as I know many Alphamint clients will find it useful. If we have yet to talk about this already, I strongly suggest if your employer offers an HSA, consider that Health Insurance Plan. There are caveats to this because often times a family’s medical needs must take priority, Read more about Year-End Portfolio Checkup: 6 Tax-Smart Tips[…]

Stop Making 401(k) Contributions – Fill Up Your HSA First

With health care open enrollment season approaching, individuals electing a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) will soon have an opportunity to decide how much to contribute to their Health Savings Account (HSA) for next year. My advice? Contribute as much as you possibly can. And, depending upon the features of your 401(k) plan, you may wish to prioritize Read more about Stop Making 401(k) Contributions – Fill Up Your HSA First[…]