Cybersecurity and Privacy

Sadly, for many of the nine out of ten families who fail to solidify their legacies, both their financial capital and human capital is often depleted within just two generations.

Who are We Really Dealing with Here?

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the two-bit criminal doesn’t target the rich, preferring instead the low-hanging fruit of the more vulnerable, such as the elderly, the mom and pop shop, and just about any unsuspecting person with cash in his or her wallet. Rather, the wealthy are high-value targets for the more sophisticated criminal elements with access to technology and highly skilled specialists.

Utilizing advanced techniques once thought to be the exclusive domain of the FBI, these twenty-first century criminals, typically backed by a U.S.-based or international crime syndicate, conduct extensive surveillance as they search the depths of cyberspace for information. They will even penetrate their mark’s inner circle before launching their assault in the form of a cyber-attack, identity theft or fraud.

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