Smart Money: Passive Income [VIDEO]

Do you want a passive income stream that never dries up? Consider building one that is diversified, predictable, consistent,  and exposed to lower risk. A diversified income stream can consist of 3, 5, or more sources of income that are all generally passive in nature. Now we can understand that at times passive income does take some work to maintain. With investing, proper portfolio construction and monitoring is essential, and with real estate, keep a property up to date, working with tenants, repairs and more are also essential.

Check out this video to learn about one way to build your passive income stream. 

We have found those who take a few hours every YEAR to make a plan or update a plan are more likely to have a higher standard of living in retirement. Consider the impact you could make on your own finances by developing a multi source income stream.

It is significantly harder to develop an income stream on short notice. The only way to do so is with significant capital investment. However, one way to reduce the amount of capital needed to create a lasting income stream is through planning ahead of time.

Implementing a savings, insurance, real estate, risk and pension payout plan ahead of time will allow you to begin enjoying your passive income earlier and with less capital infusion.

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