Are you MAXIMIZING your refund? Get a FREE SECOND LOOK!

uncle samIf you are reading this you probably are one of those who take a few hours out of your day each year to prepare your taxes via one of the many available tax preparation softwares. Therefore, I want you to consider this one simple fact, around 40% of those who agree to a second look of their taxes discover they are PAYING MORE than they should. As good as tax software may be, software alone is not always the best at truly understanding your financial situation and ultimately helping you maximize your refund or reduce your balance due.

Want to get a Second Look on your taxes? It’s easy. Complete the form below and a tax professional will review your tax return (or tax situation if you have yet to prepare your return) and let you know if they are able to increase your refund (or reduce your balance due).


Is the Second Look free? Yes, completely and there are no strings attached.

What do you do with my information after the Second Look? We delete it. We value your privacy.

What happens if the Second Look discovers that I am paying to much in taxes? You can then choose to have Alphamint prepare and file your taxes at an affordable rate!

What do you charge for Tax Preparation and efiling? We are well below the average rate a CPA, Tax Professional or H&R Block office would charge.

What if I haven’t completed my tax return yet, can you still help me? Yes we can help you by estimating what your refund or balance due will be, along with providing a free quote for the tax preparation services.

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