Advanced Model Portfolios

By Alphamint

Advanced Model Portfolios, truly beyond traditional buy and hold portfolios yet founded on discipline and time test research.

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Advanced Model Portfolios

Going Beyond Traditional Buy & Hold Investing, yet built on a disciplined and diversified investment model. Focused on reducing correlation risk and boasting performance.

A simple portfolio built around bonds and stocks is not sufficient for today’s diversification needs, nor will it provide retirees the income they need to maximize their retirement cash flow.

Alphamint utilizes many asset classes, sector targeting and alternative investments to generate the growth and income one needs (within their risk tolerance) to make their goals happen.

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At Alphamint we believe that changing economic and investing environments warrant a new approach that goes beyond traditional buy and hold investing. With a more interconnected world, this creates new dynamics that must be accounted for when building both growth and income focused portfolios.

It is because of a more interconnected world that volatility and correlation between assets classes have significantly increased.

Built With Defensive Portfolio Controls

It is time to rethink investing during market extremes. Every 8-13 years the US economy enters a recession, shouldn’t your investment portfolio account for this? Taking disciplined and tactical changes to the portfolio during market extremes helps reduce downside risk and correlation risk.

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with Defensive Portfolio Controls