About Alphamint

Who We Are

Started in 1996, Alphamint™ was created to help clients reach their financial goals through the pairing of state-of-the-art technology and a trusting long-term partnership with a Certified Financial Planner™. The Certified Financial Planner™ designation is considered the gold standard in the financial planning profession.

Alphamint Financial Professionals are all licensed with the Certified Financial Planner™ designation and every Adviser has 10+ years of professional investment management and financial planning experience. 

As a Fiduciary Adviser, in everything we do your interests must come first. This means our recommendations are designed to help you reach your goals while avoiding all conflicts of interest with your Adviser. Even our compensation model is designed to remove conflicts of interest, thus as your wealth grows, so does our compensation. Our interests are aligned.

 Alphamint™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Typher Financial Services, LLC.

Why We Do What We Do

When you realize you can help people reach their goals through your knowledge and expertise with investment management and financial planning, it becomes a truly gratifying career. We help our clients grow their wealth through our investment expertise, and we help our clients avoid mishaps and financial loss by staying proactive with their financial plan. Essentially, we are a financial coach, helping our client plan, prepare, and live out their lives to the fullest.

What We Do

Investment Management

With Alphamint™ our goal is to manage your “growth" portfolio or retirement “income" portfolio so you can reach the goals you have set. Alphamint offers both Automated (“Robo") Investment Solutions, and Advanced Model Portfolios designed to help generate you additional return on your investment and reduce downside risk during market extremes.

Investment Management may be our forte, but Wealth Management is our DNA.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Going Beyond Investment management is another way we add significant value to our clients financial lives. We help them implement a comprehensive financial plan based on their goals. We do this while planning and preparing each client as they move from one stage of life to the next.  As you move through the four key life stages, new financial complexities arise, we call them wealth management issues. With our expertise and experience we help clients avoid pitfalls, headaches, and financial losses.

Common Wealth Management Issues

Retirement Planning

Passive Income Planning

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

College Planning

Estate Planning

Tax Planning

Charitable Gift Planning

 Our Awards & Recognition


 Recognized by independent publishing and third party firms in the Denver Metro Area.

5280 Magazine – Top Financial Planner

Financial Planner Magazine – Five Star Manager

Providing you the expertise you need, all Alphamint™ Financial Experts are CFP®


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